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Begin your 2020 planning process with one of my clients’ favourite tools, The Optimist Report. You will:

  • Boost your optimism for the year ahead
  • Restore and build confidence
  • Provide yourself with new pathways for growth
  • Turn your success into learning opportunities

Here is a sample to get you started: The Optimist Report (PDF)

Now, it’s your turn.

STEP 1 – Grab a blank piece of paper and put on your brainstorming hat. List as many ‘accomplishments’ or ‘wins’ as you can think of on that paper. Don’t judge them as too small or too personal. Get them all down (at least 10-15 of them).

STEP 2 – Let it all sink in! Take a moment, and acknowledge the hard work that produced those wins.

STEP 3 – Slim this list down to about five based on the criteria of the ones you are most proud of, made the biggest difference or had the biggest impact in your business, or on you!

STEP 4 – Open up your own Optimist Report Worksheet (DOC), and put those 5 Accomplishments down.

STEP 5 – In the second column clearly state ‘Why’ those accomplishments are important to you. Ask why a couple of times if you feel like you aren’t going deep enough.

STEP 6 – Finally, and this is where opportunities open up, reflect on and write out ‘What Can Be Built From This’.

Voila! You’ve begun your planning process.

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