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To manage failure, you need to start with liberating yourself from what it has meant in the past. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Unpack the meaning of failure for you, in your company or on your team. If it has become negative or something not to be embraced, why?
  • Don’t be embarrassed and bury those failures away – personal or within a team. Put them out in the open and then debrief with people you can trust.
  • Take some recent failures. What patterns can you find in these situations, and what lessons can you learn from them? If you could do it again, what would you change. Capture your insights and key learnings. Share those with others who may have been involved.

Here is a tool to use in the process: The Fail Forward Learning File (DOC)

I want to help liberate you from failure and help you to make it one of your greatest lessons by taking time out to learn from it. This report is meant to give you the steps to do it so you can fail forward and get it all down shamelessly.

Now let’s get to work on making that failure an investment in your growth, and maybe even the building blocks to a new breakthrough in your business.

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