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You are probably reading this because you are inspired and engaged about yourself and your capacity to be powerful both in business and in your life. In this short piece, I want to provide you a new perspective on how to own and exercise your power, which in turn, will boost and protect your confidence. To do that I want to spend a little time exploring this concept of power, the areas where we give up our power and then provide ways to reclaim it.

While this piece isn’t written just for women, women typically aren’t encouraged to be powerful and quite frankly, don’t have a lot of role models for how that can look. This is demonstrated by the following numbers: In the US only 32 of every 1000 CEO’s are women. In Canada, the number is even lower with only 21 of every 1000 CEO’s being women. That’s 2.1%!

In my own experience, what this has looked like in the past is people saying to me “don’t rock the boat” if I pushed back on thinking or an initiative. If I wanted to present some different thinking, I was told I was not operating as a “team player.” Finally, and the one that really would irritate me was “calm down!” I can see that in my early days I was so busy being concerned about what others thought, I had lost a lot of my power.

What has your relationship been to power, and how has that evolved over the years?

I’m going to continue this conversation at a very grass roots level. Ultimately, the way you are going to move your idea, dream or vision forward is to connect to YOUR power and to own your power. That starts with breaking your limitations.

In April 2018, in partnership with SheEO, I facilitated a live webinar with the Senior Vice-President of BMO, Julie Barker-Merz and over 500 female entrepreneurs to discuss the idea of Owning Your Power.

The recording of the powerful webinar is available to you here.

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