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Episode #024: Social Media with Lisa Pedersen

Mar 9, 2021

Our Guest

Lisa Pedersen

Episode #024: Social Media with Lisa Pedersen

We are in the age that every single entrepreneur needs a social media plan integrated into their marketing strategy. If this feels like a daunting thought, stay with me, you are in the right place!

In this week’s Create Velocity Podcast, I talk with Lisa Pedersen about finding your comfort zone with social media, why your ideal client needs to see you being ‘social’ and the importance of authentic engagement. Lisa also points out some watch-outs for how you engage.





Lisa Pedersen is a social media mentor and digital strategist who empowers business owners to embrace their digital presence and show up in a way that’s authentic and engaging, while teaching the skills to do it themselves. She has been featured on podcasts, written for the inaugural issue of Mama Brain Magazine and is currently working on her first social media course for business owners.

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