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Episode #022: Living Your Values to Stay Alive with Kevin Wilson

Feb 9, 2021

Our Guest

Kevin Wilson

Episode #022: Living Your Values to Stay Alive with Kevin Wilson

You don’t have to look too far to get inspiration and ideas from entrepreneurs who have been building back, learning from, and creating a new during the pandemic. My guest on this week’s Create Velocity podcast, Kevin Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, is one of them. With franchises like Pool Scouts (pool cleaning), Home Clean Heroes (residential home cleaning) and The British Swim School (swimming lessons), Kevin and his team have worked long hours to ensure the business owners of these franchises were supported. Hard work was definitely a part of the formula, however, at the core of it was living Buzz Franchise’s values.  More than ever these values mattered and helped shepherd decision making for Kevin and his team.

Kevin shared his values statement with us here. Can you articulate your company’s values and can your employees do the same?  Now more than ever, this is critical for your business. Do you need some resources to do that? Let us know! We are here to help.



Kevin Wilson is the Chairman and CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, a multi-brand franchising and the former owner of Mosquito Joe, a 300 unit system before selling to Neighborly in 2018. Prior to this he spent several years in Private Equity,  was an Executive with South African Airways, and was a Consultant with Bain and Company.

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