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Episode #014: Possibility is an Attitude – Here’s Why with Dan Trommater

Jun 23, 2020

Our Guest

Dan Trommater

Episode #014: Possibility is an Attitude – Here’s Why with Dan Trommater

A magical approach to seeing the world.

Entrepreneurs have been asking me what does the future hold after COVID-19 and how can I make sense of what the new reality will be? These are great questions, and ones that Dan Trommater, Magician extraordinaire, explores with me by not providing any answers, but posing more questions! Consider a good question is worth its weight in gold and Dan delivers some golden ones. I promise you’ll be glued to his stories about being a magician and how that lends him a unique way to see the world. Together we bridge that to some great principles for being an entrepreneur.



  • How our perspective shapes ‘our’ realities  – and our reality may not be the truth, or at least the whole truth. 
  • How the sum of your experiences, if left unquestioned, could possibility be a handicap in your business if you rely on it solely.
  • Assumptions shape how we make decisions – important ones. Check your assumptions with the facts.
  • Empathy is a skill and not a character trait.  Build that muscle.
  • Be wary of the pre-fab 10 step success process





Dan Trommater is not your ordinary miracle worker. His programs are interactive experiences that combine world-class magic and humor to teach practical tools that improve communication, teamwork, and leadership at every level. With empathy at the core of all his work, Dan is passionate about helping people push past limitations and live more fulfilling lives. By sharing practical tools from the field of Positive Psychology, he delivers thought-provoking and captivating programs that help organizations improve communication and collaboration at all levels. Dan will empower your audience to shift their thinking, gain new perspectives, and find better solutions.

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