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Episode #013: A Road Map Forward to Transform, Innovate and Grow with Brett Richards

Jun 9, 2020

Episode #013: A Road Map Forward to Transform, Innovate and Grow with Brett Richards

Access and Insight into the Intangible Metrics of your Company

To assess where to start takes a deep understanding of the intangible assets of your company and then the know how to have them work more effectively. The exciting news is that there is a tool that can help you with this – a crystal ball of sorts that can reveal the metrics needed to transform your company’s culture into improved business performance. In this episode, Brett shares with us those metrics; culture, leadership, execution and alignment, and how the game changing tool he developed, the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI), makes these visible and tangible so an informed strategy for transformation and growth can ensue.



  • The link between your company’s culture and improved business performance
  • The importance of common language and alignment in your company between leaders and to the strategy
  • How you can validate your gut feel regarding your company’s strengths and constraints to grow
  • How to generate better data to make better choices on where to put your resources and attention
  • The critical metrics the Organizational Growth Indicator will identify to help you build your road map to transform, innovate and grow your company





Dr. Brett Richards is the founder and President of Connective Intelligence Inc., a niche consultancy which specializes in the development of customized training and organizational development solutions in a wide range of industries, globally. Brett offers deep expertise in executive development, team dynamics, innovation and strategic thinking. Alongside the clients he serves with Connective Intelligence, Brett is also a sought-after industry practitioner instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, affiliated with York University’s Business School. Brett is a published author in both business and academic publications. He recently wrote a book for business leaders called, Grow Through Disruption: Breakthrough Mindsets to Innovate, Change and Win with the OGI which is available on Amazon.

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