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Episode #012: An Entrepreneur’s Mindset with Charles Ruecker

May 26, 2020

Our Guest

Charles Ruecker

Episode #012: An Entrepreneur’s Mindset with Charles Ruecker

The Mindset Needed to Navigate the Future. NOTE: the Future is Now Entrepreneurs

In this episode, we explore the entrepreneur’s mindset with Charles Ruecker, a 16 year iconoclast entrepreneur. Right now, more than ever, how we think and act will make or break our businesses. Massive change and disruption began well before COVID-19 and as Charles and I discuss, the pandemic super charged all of that change and had it become more pronounced and identifiable. That is why now is the time to take inventory of your mindset and whether if it will inhibit or enhance your ability to think strategically and effectively moving forward.



  • How the acceleration of technology is impacting how we work and how we ‘do life’ like never before
  • The connection between mindset and technology
  • Why what has informed you in the past isn’t sufficient to navigate your strategies for the future and why striving to keep things the same will leave you stuck
  • How taking on a mindset for the future will enable possibilities and powerful strategies for your company



Charles Ruecker, CEO of the manufacturing company Core Powered Inc. and founder of the advising, consulting and coaching practice Pthrive helps manufacturing companies navigate industry 4.0, solve the skills shortage, and develop the next generation of business leader. Charles is passionate about people achieving the highest level of performance in a way that is most natural to the individual. Charles has more than 20 years of human performance training.

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