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Episode #011: How to Market During COVID-19 with Mitch Solway

May 12, 2020

Our Guest

Mitch Solway

Episode #011: How to Market During COVID-19 with Mitch Solway

The ABC’s of Marketing and Generating More Opportunity During and After COVID-19

If you’ve been a little unsure about how to engage in marketing and business development during COVID-19, listen in to this episode with Mitch Solway. Mitch is a seasoned marketing professional who has over 20 years of experience within a number of different industries. In this episode he provides practical and actionable steps to market and promote your business so you can stay engaged with your business development initiatives in an authentic and meaningful way.



  • A road map to understand who your best customer is
  • Why you need to go smaller before going bigger
  • The power of word of mouth
  • The continued importance of building relationships
  • Where to to go to market your business





Mitch has been the VP Marketing at some of Canada’s most successful startups including Lavalife, FreshBooks and Vidyard. If there’s one thing he’s learned it’s how to build successful marketing ops that are both happy and productive and are able to focus on and deliver against their very aggressive growth mandates. Today, he operates as a Fractional CMO where he helps tech startups build and scale their marketing ops by and putting them in a position to win with what he calls “getting the right things right”.

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