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Episode #007: Cashflow is King with Cindy Warner Beck

Apr 2, 2020

Our Host

Cindy Warner Beck

Episode #007: Cashflow is King with Cindy Warner Beck

Calculate and Stay On Top of Your Company’s Cashflow right now

Today’s guest is Cindy Warner Beck. She has over 15 years of experience working with companies of all sizes at the Royal Bank of Canada. Now, through her company Lightbulb Finance, she works with small and medium sized businesses as an outsourced CFO to on help business owners understand their finances to make more informed decisions on their growth.


  • An understanding of what your most important financial area is right now, cashflow
  • A step by step overview of how to calculate your cash runway
  • A working spreadsheet to calculate your breakeven and runway
  • Resources available to help you financially right now

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