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Episode #004: Boosting your Well-Being as an Entrepreneur with Andrew Soren

Feb 25, 2020

Our Guest

Andrew Soren

Episode #004: Boosting your Well-Being as an Entrepreneur with Andrew Soren

In this episode, Andrew Soren helps Marysia pull back the curtain on the roller coaster experience being an entrepreneur can be and the new research which is telling us what we know, entrepreneurs face tremendous stress and it is impacting their well-being. He will share his rich experience in positive psychology. Listen as Andrew teaches us about the mindset of well-being and how entrepreneurs can apply it in their work and personal lives to build resilience, confidence, and turn the dial on their potential.


  • Understand the evidence-based pillars of well-being.
  • Practical tips to maintain your optimism and apply your strengths
  • How to build the social support you need to thrive


For the past 20 years, Andrew Soren has worked with some of the most recognized brands, nonprofits, and public sector teams to co-create values-based cultures, develop positive leadership, and design systems that empower people to be their best. He is the founder of Eudaimonic by Design (, a consultancy created to harness the collective strengths of those working at the intersection of organizational effectiveness, design thinking, and positive practice. Since 2013, Andrew has been faculty with the University of Pennsylvania’s internationally renowned Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program. Andrew is an ICF certified coach. He currently splits his time between Toronto, Canada, Philadelphia, USA, and Montevideo, Uruguay.

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