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Episode #002: Making Market Research Work on an Entrepreneur’s Budget with Louise Sheedy

Feb 4, 2020

Our Guest

Louise Sheedy

Episode #002: Making Market Research Work on an Entrepreneur’s Budget with Louise Sheedy

In this episode, Louise Sheedy provides us with a better way to understand your customers and your market place. As a seasoned market research expert, Louise began her career at an advertising agency, but pivoted into market research when she realized this was her passion. Now, as an entrepreneur herself, she empathizes with entrepreneurs on a budget and shares actionable advice on how to approach market research and make it work for your business.


  • The importance of using market or consumer research to inform your strategic thinking and decision making.
  • Critical questions to ask yourself about your market research efforts.
  • Effective ways to engage in ‘do-it-yourself’ research that can give you good insights for your business.
  • When ‘do-it-yourself’ research may lead you to the wrong pathway forward and ways to know when to pivot.
  • How to determine a research budget for your project.
  • Approaches to managing your research efforts and make the most of your investment


Louise Sheedy is principal of BenchStrength Consulting and Applied Research. For over 13 years, Louise has helped her clients discover meaningful insights that lead to innovative new products and services for their customers by leveraging a human centered design approach to research. Her expertise extends to problem definition and creating agile design solutions for seamless execution of multi-modal research studies.

Louise’s career has been driven by understanding people, embracing disruptive phenomena in the marketing space, and figuring out the opportunities they can precipitate.  Adept at teasing out information, Louise uncovers extraordinary insights that leverage change for success. Louise started BenchStrength in 2005 and has never looked back.

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