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Episode #001: Understand and Define Your Value Proposition with Shari Walczak

Jan 21, 2020

Episode #001: Understand and Define Your Value Proposition with Shari Walczak

In this episode, Shari Walczak of The Garden Collective, a seasoned brand strategist, opens up the multi-dimensional importance of a company brand and value proposition and why every entrepreneur should have one. She will simplify what all the ‘jargon’  means, and provides the important aspects to understand the interconnected components of a brand, how they work together, and ways to go about defining or refining your company’s brand.  Shari shares stories, analogies and structured approaches on how to get into action.


  • Why brands aren’t just for Nike, Tide and other large organizations!  
  • How a well-defined brand strategy helps you define your ‘yeses’ and your ‘nos’ for your business
  • The inter-connection of a value proposition and brand strategy and why they aren’t an advertising campaign
  • Ways to define your brand vision and the emotion it can evoke
  • Why it is so hard to do this alone, and ways to figure it out


In 2015, Shari co-founded The Garden Collective, a new breed of strategic and creative agency born from a desire to ignore decades of convention to champion a more agile and proactive approach to solving the challenges of modern organizations. Shari is one of Canada’s top brand strategy experts with over 20 years of experience leading strategic work for organizations like Capital One, Samsung, Roots,  Cineplex, The United Way, Coinsquare Exchange, Audi, TMX Group, Interac, Kraft, Coca Cola and Scene Loyalty. Combining a Masters of Science Degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from SUNY Buffalo State and an HBA Degree from the Ivey School of Business at Western, she has built a reputation as a both a change agent and expert facilitator.

Shari is a passionate advocate for creativity, particularly in the world of education where she was Chair of the Founding Committee for Equinox Holistic Alternative School – now celebrating its 10th anniversary as the TDSB’s largest elementary alternative school. In addition, she is a contributor to The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women: Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project (published April 2019), and a proud SheEO Activator supporting other women-owned ventures that are creating a better world.

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