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6 Practices to Develop your Growth as a Leader


 You’re striving for growth in your business. You are not alone! In the world of sports and athleticism, growth and winning is centre stage in this competitive arena. There is a lot we can learn as entrepreneurs. In reviewing these six practices, Marysia will share her insights and learning from competing in sports both as an athlete and keen observer in this world of high performance that translate into being an entrepreneur.

The 6 Practices

And what you will learn from them.


No matter how good you get, keep raising your bar.

Ways to get insights from your experiences, past and present.


The importance of taking time out to practice and be prepared.

The value of ‘cross-training’ and ideas to develop yourself.


Your success will elevate put in practices to restore yourself.

The importance of taking and protecting your ‘no work’ time.


Your business needs a great team around you to grow.

You shouldn’t be (and aren’t) the best at everything.


Ways to get into ‘the zone’ for greater performance.

Why beating yourself up will impede your effectiveness.


The importance of celebrating your success.

How going for a ‘high 5’ builds energy and works in some necessary fun in your day.

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