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At Velocity, we talk a lot about leadership and owning your power. We identify the 14 Ways We Give Up Our Power and how to overcome these obstacles. This piece from John Kanary, a leading personal and professional development coach, articulates this connection:

There is no magic to the discovery of your power of achievement. You unlock your gifts of talent, skill and knowledge by simply taking control of two principles accessible to you; the power to think and the power to act.

When you consistently think and act on your potential, you not only engage your potential, you also disengage your limits and the reasons why you can’t. You begin focusing on reasons why you can. It all begins with the risk of believing more in yourself than in your limits.

The task in working with your power is to determine how much failure you can handle to get you from where you are to where you eventually want to be.

If you want to turn desire into reality, you must first begin by building your desire into a visual picture, by thinking and selecting powerful thoughts supported by a persistent course of action. This process of thought and action becomes a strategy!

Limiting and non-limiting beliefs are incompatible. A limiting belief, such as rejection, cannot live with the power of action. Where action becomes the dominant idea of the day, rejection will make haste in leaving your mind.

Creativity begins when you begin to look for the needle in the haystack, when you begin to believe it is there. Being specific with what you want to do will give your mind a directive that will make it work more effectively. This gives you more power to choose your response to circumstance. This power to choose leads you to act on principle rather than according to your mood. In other words, you are not your habits, your beliefs or your attitudes. You learn these things therefore you can unlearn them when you take control of your mind and power by focusing on specific thoughts and actions which form specific habits.

The method is to develop a focus which will provide the excitement, inspiration and motivation so that you can look up as you scale the mountain. The purpose of life is to live. To become everything that you are capable of becoming.

Emerson said; ‘We must persist in the task and one day it will become easier, not because the task itself has become easier, but because we have learned to master the task.”

Now I will assert that when you own your power, you will build your confidence too! And in order to own your power and start building that confidence, you must first identify the 14 Ways We Give Up Our Power.

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