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Owning and Exercising Your Power

You are probably reading this because you are inspired and engaged about yourself and your capacity to be powerful both in business and in your life. In this short piece, I want to provide you a new perspective on how to own and exercise your power, which in turn,... read more

14 Ways We Give Up Our Power

To understand how you boost your confidence, you need to understand how you commonly deplete your confidence, probably unknowingly. That happens when you give your power away. You give your power away in moments in time. Here are the 14 ways I see my clients give up... read more

Owning Your Power

Building Leadership Confidence. Learn to make power decisions. Flex your confidence muscle. Be passionate and limitless. With a career spanning 20+ years with BMO, Julie Barker-Merz is teaching us how to become powerful leaders. From growing your network to seeing... read more

The Power to Think and the Power to Act

At Velocity, we talk a lot about leadership and owning your power. We identify the 14 Ways We Give Up Our Power and how to overcome these obstacles. This piece from John Kanary, a leading personal and professional development coach, articulates this connection: There... read more

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