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Kick start your creative mindset.

In partnership with SheEO, over 200 entrepreneurs around the world participated in this webinar series focused on decision making, building confidence, strengthening communication and the importance of your environment.

6 Practices to Grow as a Leader

In the world of sports and athleticism, growth and winning is centre stage in this competitive arena. There is a lot we as entrepreneurs can learn from this.

Creating Conditions

How do business owners create healthy climates in their companies? Learn insights that can apply to both early-stage entrepreneurs and executive-level professionals.

Owning Your Power

Learn to make power decisions. Flex your confidence muscle. Be passionate and limitless. Become a powerful leader with the foundations of successful leadership in business.

Speak with Confidence

Understand the power of your own voice. Know your crowd and make an impact on your audience. Strengthen your narrative and create your own opportunities.

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