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We are a group of successful entrepreneurs and business experts who will show you many pathways to break through to the next level in your business.


You will learn new ways to think about and develop new ideas for your business with our deliberate approach to being more creative.


Come to us when you feel like your gas tank is low in motivation and you need to connect to inspiring people to refuel and recharge.


Strategies are important for your business, but a necessary ingredient to achieve these strategies is setting smart goals. We provide frameworks and important questions for you to answer to design a success route to achieving your goals.


We believe your business needs to give you life, and lots of it! If all areas of your life aren’t working, you won’t be happy. Therefore, our experts, programs, and coaching provide you with what you need to be successful in all areas of your life.



When you have that question that you need a second opinion on, or that is keeping you up at night, come to our Member Board. Get perspectives and feedback from others who have been there and addressed that question before.

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Owning and Exercising Your Power

Owning and Exercising Your Power

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Creating Conditions for your Team to Thrive

Creating Conditions for your Team to Thrive

The Learning Lab presented by SheEO. Creating the conditions for your team to do their best work and learn to identify the impact on your Profit & Loss if you don’t. The right environment promotes growth for your company and your team. So, how do we create a...

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Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with Confidence

Anywhere, anytime, any audience. Learn the power of your own voice. Know your crowd and make an impact on your audience. Strengthen your narrative and create your own opportunities. Stacey Berry was named one of the Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada and featured...

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14 Ways We Give Up Our Power

14 Ways We Give Up Our Power

To understand how you boost your confidence, you need to understand how you commonly deplete your confidence, probably unknowingly. That happens when you give your power away. You give your power away in moments in time. Here are the 14 ways I see my clients give up...

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Owning Your Power

Owning Your Power

Building Leadership Confidence. Learn to make power decisions. Flex your confidence muscle. Be passionate and limitless. With a career spanning 20+ years with BMO, Julie Barker-Merz is teaching us how to become powerful leaders. From growing your network to seeing...

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Direction, motivation, and expertise.

“Since engaging Entrepreneur’s Velocity, my company’s revenue is up by 60% and we will over shoot our financial target for the year by at least 25%. Marysia’s coaching has provided my company direction, motivation, and expertise to develop and implement strategies that have seen my business grow beyond anything I’ve experienced in the past. Now I am consistently working in the areas I am passionate about, and with the kind of clients I desire.”

Stephanie Charest, Principal Designer
Stephanie Charest Interior Design

An invaluable asset to our team.

“Our company was at a point of rapid growth, and in order for us to continue to deliver successful client initiatives, we were in need of assistance in defining our next steps. Marysia was a breath of fresh air, helping us breakdown our processes into defined parameters and helping to structure our company for further success. She has become an invaluable asset to our team.”

Jennifer La Rose, Vice President
Swerve Public Relations Inc.

We now experience 10% growth year over year!

“Since engaging Marysia we continue to experience 10% growth year over year and have pushed well past 7 figures in our revenue. Marysia has helped us design and mobilize our strategies, conceive new ideas, and support the development of the key leaders of my company. Having her on our team energizes me, the whole company and our bottom line.”

Mandy Gilbert, President and Founder
Creative Niche, RED Academy

Great ideas become actionable!

“Marysia’s approach melds a deeply human awareness with leading edge design thinking. Her ability to hold and guide a room is facilitation in its truest sense: making it easy and exciting for great ideas and insights to come to light and become actionable.”

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens, Co-Founders
Lunapads International Ltd and United Girls of the World Society

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