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Episode #023: Why You Need a Human Resources Strategy with Doreen Harvey

Feb 23, 2021

Our Guest

Doreen Harvey

HR Consultant

Episode #023: Why You Need a Human Resources Strategy with Doreen Harvey

A human resources strategy is so much more than how much you pay your team members.

No matter what size your company is, you need an HR (Human Resources) strategy. And whether you have employees or a bench of contractors, this strategy is a very important foundation for business growth.

In this episode, I chat with Doreen Harvey who is a seasoned HR strategist. Doreen shares many important considerations regarding how you manage people in your business and then she zeros in on the two most important areas to go to work on first.



Doreen Harvey is an independent Human Resources (HR) Consultant having begun her own practice over 20 years ago. Doreen is passionate about helping leaders work effectively with their people. Clients have included numerous social profit organizations, and for-profit organizations in the fields of technology, manufacturing, environmental services and consumer products. Doreen has served on various Boards of Directors both as director and chair and has assisted boards with the development and delivery of effective search, performance assessment and succession planning tools. Clients have included: NexgenRx Inc., Richards-Wilcox Canada, Savanta Inc., World Vision Canada, KORE Wireless, Yonge Street Mission, and many more.

Doreen holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree from The Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.  

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