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Episode #015: Resilience and Humility with Lisa Mattam

Jul 7, 2020

Our Guest

Lisa Mattam

Episode #015: Resilience and Humility with Lisa Mattam

Building a Critical Muscle of Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Lisa Mattam, the passionate entrepreneur and founder of Sahajan Skincare, makes the statement, “If you are standing still, you are actually going backwards.” Lisa shares why, her entrepreneurial journey to date, the moment she almost gave up, or was practically brought to a stand still and how resilience played a huge part. She reflects on her key leanings and insights, all highly valuable for any entrepreneur wishing to grow their business. Lisa truly balances boldness and humility beautifully.



  • Why resilience is a team activity
  • TRUST is the priceless currency
  • The importance of reflection and iteration in your business
  • What a good network can do for you
  • The importance of an abundance mindset (again!)
  • How preparation and practice intersect with performance
  • An approach to ensure your suppliers and partners earn the right to work with you



With her first venture The Mattam Group, Lisa Mattam grew a consulting firm with clients in Canada, the US, Latin America and the UAE. More specifically, she equipped Fortune 500 companies like Walmart with the tools to keep women in the C-Suite and advance diversity in the workplace. Notably, she co-authored the report, “Mom’s the Word: How Organizations can change the impact of Motherhood on Career Success” and was a contributor to the book, “Five Good Ideas”, published by Coach House Books.

Building on that success, Lisa launched Sahajan, an evidence-based natural skincare line based on the Ancient Science of Ayurveda. With Sahajan, Lisa brings together her entrepreneurial background and her knowledge from over 15 years working in and consulting to the pharmaceutical industry to create a skincare collection that since its launch has been featured in Vogue Paris, Chatelaine and Forbes and is distributed in Canada and the US in retailers such as Indigo, The Shopping Channel and the Home Shopping Network. Lisa was the only Canadian to be selected for Sephora’s Inaugural Beauty Accelerator.

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