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Episode #003: Building Blocks for Sales Velocity with Arlene Mendoza

Feb 18, 2020

Our Guest

Arlene Mendoza

Episode #003: Building Blocks for Sales Velocity with Arlene Mendoza

In this episode, Arlene Mendoza shares with us how to re-frame your sales approach from trying to convince your potential customer to buy your products and services to understanding the deeply intrinsic need of your potential customer and connecting your offering in a way that demonstrates the value it provides to that specific need. Arlene shares stories from her journey, overcoming and working with discomfort and intimidation, providing concrete examples and tips.


  • Reengineering from selling to creating possibilities.
  • How traditional selling really doesn’t address a human need.
  • How to shift the narrative of sales from feeling like a Used Car Sales Man in sales meetings.
  • Overcome the objection that this approach might take too long.
  • How to clarify the value proposition of your business.
  • How to undercover pain points and provide a clear solution.
  • Addressing discomfort in sales and asking WHY 3x.
  • Understand what scares you about sales and considerations to overcome that.


Arlene Mendoza is inspired by bringing to life projects, ideas, opportunities with a curious heart, strategic mind, and always pushing the envelope on what is possible. She’s driven by challenges and the possibility of creating something that hasn’t been done before. She thrives on supporting others achieve their goals, developing sales strategies to enable businesses to approach sales from an empathetic and curious mindset.

With over 10 years of corporate experience, Arlene has worked in project management, sales strategy/training, executive client engagements, client partnerships, business strategy for emerging technologies in the SaaS market. Her experience has included bringing a new perspective to sales from a qualification, discovery, and ultimate alignment and value-centric approach. In addition, she is the bridge and connector between the technology offering and the value-add it will provide to the overall business value for her clients. She has a natural ability to be both analytical and creative, empathetic and direct at the same time and works to find ways to incorporate human centered design into the sales process and client engagements.

She has formed her own consulting firm and has provided business strategy services to clients ranging from Fortune 100 to small businesses. Arlene has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with an emphasis in Strategy, loves salsa dancing, listening to hip hop, traveling the world, bbqing and drinking coors light with her family!

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