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About Marysia

Founder of Entrepreneur’s Velocity.

For the last 15 years, Marysia Czarski has provided expert business coaching and programs that enable business owners and their teams to achieve and sustain organizational growth, productivity, and innovation. She has visited some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs in places like Silicon Valley, Shanghai, London England, Boston and Toronto to deepen her understanding of what brings success to entrepreneurs around the world.

These experiences enable her to bring fresh thinking, new ideas, and a strategic focus to the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face so they can thrive in the constantly changing environment they operate in.

Our programs are built to provide you with an approach to think about your business and take action in ways that are aligned with what you are focused on achieving.

Our Coaching Framework


Our coaching framework is not linear, or a step b step process. It’s circular in nature to represent the multi-dimensional ways we’ll have you look at your business to see if you have everything in place for growth and innovation.

This isn’t a 10 or 15 steps approach that is formulaic and doesn’t appreciate the nuances of your industry or work environment.  We support you with understanding the MINDSET, SKILLSET, and TOOLSET you need to design a successful business for today and an innovative company for the future. You’ll need to take action and follow through on what you are learning and the insights you are having.

Therefore we have a strong focus on taking action, and constant iteration. We’ll hep you unpack the failures that are sure to happen once in a while and ensure you juice the invaluable learning from that failure and turn that into your next breakthrough.

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Marysia guided me every step of the way.

“As a small business owner, there were always those ‘things’ that I would put off; areas in which I was not comfortable. The result was additional stress and worry. Working with Marysia inspired me to work on those areas, create structures and systems which became easy to update, manipulate and manage. The best part for me was that I was forced to learn how to use these systems and work in programs I wasn’t familiar in order to learn. With Marysia guiding me every step of the way and providing constant feedback, we used these systems to strengthen my business as well as best practices and communication between staff and clients.”

Alison Burke, Owner
Impressions Public Relations

My leadership team is thriving.

“My leadership team is thriving, and our company, having dealt with some critical strategic and organizational issues with Marysia’s help, is ready to take to market more innovative products and services. I’m now more confident and excited about what is on the horizon for my company than I’ve ever been!”

Mandy Gilbert, Founder and President
Creative Niche Inc.

Marysia infused my creative confidence.

“Working with Marysia on this journey infused my creative confidence and gave me that extra strength I need to keep pursuing my purpose. I’ve got great momentum now and feel like I have my hands firmly on the steering wheel of my vision and core mission.”

Alyson Schafer, Therapist, Author and Parenting Expert

An invaluable asset to our team!

“Our company was at a point of rapid growth, and Marysia was a breath of fresh air, helping us breakdown our processes into defined parameters and helping to structure our company for further success. She has become an invaluable asset to our team.”

Jennifer La Rose, Vice President
Swerve PR | Publicity and Strategic Communications

I am now doing the work I love.

“Working with Marysia has helped me to sharpen my focus so I am doing the work I love and have secured the resources to do the work I don’t love. If you are an entrepreneur with an intention to grow your business, without killing yourself in the process, you need Marysia!”

Jan Nighswander, CPHR
J. Nighswander & Associates

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