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Are you ready to grow?
implement these 6 Practices today.

For any entrepreneur looking to create the next wave of growth, and build more velocity in their business, you have arrived in the right place.  We are a community of successful entrepreneurs who will share what we know to have you breakthrough to the next level. 

Whether it be challenges in hiring, firing, planning, selling, or bringing your next great idea to market, (just to name a few areas we can stumble as entrepreneurs!) you will find the tools, acquire the skills and transform your mindset to get there. Your creative journey starts here.


Learn to be more innovative and raise the bar.


Build confidence to develop and grow as an entrepreneur.


Create a great team around you.


Simple, actionable steps towards growth.

About Marysia

Marysia provides expert and experienced business coaching and facilitations that enables business owners and their teams to achieve and sustain organizational growth, productivity and innovation.

She has coached thousands of entrepreneurs and has brought fresh thinking, new ideas and a strategic focus to the challenges and opportunities they face so they can thrive in the constantly changing environment they operate in.


Comprehensive training with real-time concepts!

“Marysia developed a comprehensive training exercise on design thinking for one of our major leadership conferences that not only showcased the benefits and developed our capabilities in design thinking, but launched real-time concepts that we could take back to the business for development. The teams loved the exercise, and we are now implementing design thinking into other activities and areas.”

Adrian Lang, Head of Business Management
Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking and Channels | BMO Financial Group

Great ideas become actionable!

“Marysia’s approach melds a deeply human awareness with leading edge design thinking. Her ability to hold and guide a room is facilitation in its truest sense: making it easy and exciting for great ideas and insights to come to light and become actionable.”

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens, Co-Founders
Lunapads International Ltd and United Girls of the World Society

Seamless delivery of a very important initiative!

“Marysia facilitation was a key factor in our ability to roll out our program as successfully as we did. Her ability to connect with all the employees and the leaders allowed us to provide a seamless delivery of a very important initiative across the company.”

D. Brushett, Managing Director
HR, Capital Markets | BMO Financial Group

are you ready to grow?
implement these 6 practices today.

Are you ready to grow your business? Start today.

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Ready to grow?

Implement these 6 practices to grow as a leader.

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